NonOpn | Foldereum

NonOpn | Foldereum

NonOpn improves the blockchain integration for a better user experience.

By making the blockchain fully transparent and providing various easy and reliable tools to use, NonOpn greatly improves innovative solutions to authenticate documents. Most of the solution components in the Foldereum solution are open source and free to use. NonOpn ensures, de facto, to open this ecosystem to as many company as possible and is willing to be a vector of Open Source philosophy.

Use cases

NonOpn & Blockchain

The Blockchain

A public blockchain can be compared to a distributed ledger with accountability purposes, pseudonym and  peut être assimilée à un grand livre comptable public, pseudonyme (il n’est pas anonyme). As written by the mathematician Jean-Paul Delahaye, we must imagine « a book which everyone can read freely and can write in it but impossible to erase and is undestructible. »

Solution de Réassurance

Solution de Réassurance

Pour qu’une Blockchain soit utile, efficace et rentable, il faut réunir plusieurs ingrédients.

Partager des informations dont il faut prouver l’authenticité.
Authentifier la traçabilité des informations distribuées.<
Distribuer et stocker les transactions enregistrées.
Enregistrer ces informations avec des partenaires identifiés

New generation validation

Modern certification

NonOpn offers the Foldereum solution for all certification management of your files, digital documents, identities through Ethereum technology.

Because this network offers development agility, it is the ideal storage location.

The Foldereum workflow is one of the simplest and most secure on the market. You do not transmit your documents.

Cas d’usages

Embedded in the solution


Foldereum’s workflow is one of the simpliest and secure. You do not send your files


The certification solution is easy to integrate to achieve results immediatly


Your files never leave your infrastructure, devices or network


NonOpn will stay transparent and keep the Open Source philosophy



Personnalized Your certificates are saved in a dedicated space in the network

Ethereum Since this network provides the best development agility, it’s the best storage solution right now

API Connect your own apps with our solution to fully personnalized your integration

Open Source Our components to communicate in the network are fully Open Source


Road Map

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  • Incubation @ La Banquiz in Bordeaux
  • Concept Generation
  • White Paper
  • Team Assemble
2018 Q2
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
2018 Q3
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Building the MVP
2018 Q4
  • Partnerships
  • Open source tool documentation and betas available
2019 Q1
Beta Tests
  • In-house testing of functional
  • Prototype published and linked to Ethereum blockchain
2019 Q2
  • Production Use Cases
  • Partnership conclusion with operrational release
2019 Q3
  • Parallel processes documented and released
  • Fully operationnal tools release

The team behind Nonopn



Bertrand MONGES

Porteur d’une solution innovante dans le monde le l’IOT, la blockchain est un sujet primordial dans son domaine. Son apport de l’expérience de la connection globale avec le monde de la certification booste le développement de la société NonOpn.


Passionné de nouvelles technologies et développeur de plusieurs solutions autour du monde du mobile, embarqué et administration bas niveau, la nouvelle aventure NonOpn est un moyen pour lui de montrer l’étendue et le potentiel des blockchains sur le terrain de l’innovation.

Sébastien CONSTANS
Frontend Developpeur

Chargé du développement front-end de Nonopn sur les différents devices.

Mathilde GOUZE
Communication & Marketing

Chargée de communiquer autour de Nonopn sur différents supports et médias, son dynamisme et ses idées permettent d’apporter un regard novateur quant à la manière de communiquer autour de nos solutions.


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